Bracelet Project

The Bracelet Project is where you create or buy bracelets and wear them to show other Pro Ana's who you are and that you are all apart of the same group.
Pro Ana - Red worn on left arm
Pro Mia - Purple worn on right arm
Pro Starvation/Fasting - yellow worn on left arm
Pro Hunger - Orange worn on left arm
Recovery - Pink worn on right arm
Pro Suicide - Black and Blue worn on left arm
Pro Depression - Black worn on left arm

Nail Polish Project

Pro Ana - Red + Star/Strip on middle fingers and Pinky
Pro Mia - Purple + Dot on Pointer and Middle finger
Recovery - Pink + Flower on thumb, Middle, and Pinky.

Ana Bible

To start your own Ana Bible get a tablet or journal, a lock is prefered.
In the bible you should make different sections for different things.

Section 1 should have your Ana Buddy list with info about them so you can keep track and know who they are rather than just having a name list. It is also a good idea to include a picture of each buddy if possible.

Section 2 should have the Ana Commandments. If you do not have them then go to the Commandment and quote page.

Section 3 should have your tips and tricks that have worked for you or ones you have learned from others.

Section 4 should have a list of Diets which you can get from the Diet page at the top.

Section 5 should have thinspo photos if you are able to print out and any other things you would like to add such as reasons not to eat.

Hair Project.

In this project you choose a strand of hair and you can either
1. Dye it
2. wrap it.
3. Braid with a ribbon or strings going through of the color you choose
4. Bead it.
Which ever you choose to do make sure you use the correct Pro ED color.