Pro Ana Bracelet Project

Because the original ana/mia bracelets are not just worn by ana and mia girls but by almost every girl that likes to make bracelets as well.
Because it is hard to tell if someone is ana/mia or is just wearing a bracelet for fashion a new bracelet is added. (You have to wear both the ama/mia original beaded bracelet along with the silver ana charm bracelet.

This bracelet is also more effective then just the original bracelet because you can hear the charms as you move your arm so just the noise alone will help you remember what you stand for and not to eat or fall into temptation.

Ana Charm Rules

To start out your own ana charm bracelet you need just a normal silver chain that goes on the same arm as your ana bead bracelet.
The charms are

Butterfly/flower - Stands for beauty and freedom

Silver Heart- Stands for love (No one will love you unless you are thin and beautiful like the butterfly)

Red or Blue/Purple heart - Stands for unity and support. Red for ana and Blue/Purple for mia

Skull/Bones - Stand for being deadly thin and showing off your bones and also stand for dieing to be thin.

Bow - Stands for prefection and helps remind you to dress up and look your best

Group charm - every ana/mia girl needs to be in a group or have their own group of buddies. Each group will have a charm that represents the group they are involved with.  if you don't have a group of your own you can join an online group that has this project posted for ProAnaPrincess our charm is a tiara or a crown.

Peace sign - stands for obviously peace and helps remind us not to judge and to love everyone even if they struggle and to help others of our beliefs progress and to let in those who want to be apart of Pro Ana/Mia and not push them out.

All charms must be on the bracelet and you can add others that have meaning to you.